ClickRozi better platform then social media and tv advertising. ClickRozi is best place for Pakistani advertisers and Pakistan TV Media houses. Best Pakistani advertising portal is clickrozi

The best way to get the full attention of your customer?

Buy it from them, directly.

ClickRozi was founded by a group of executives who after 10+ years of working in the industry— finally had enough. ClickRozi is the right solution at the right time. Advertisers can no longer rely on 3rd party data, publishers and middlemen to help connect them with potential customers. A direct, transparent, mutually beneficial partnership between marketers and consumers is the future.

The adage: "If you're not the customer... you're the product" holds true when it comes to describing the current state of digital media. Digital media companies have a very valuable product-- you.

  • Enough of trying to “cut through the clutter”.
  • Enough of 1% click-thru rates being considered heroic.
  • Enough of the false promise of programmatic algorithms and their underwhelming results.
  • Enough of cheap impressions being championed over meaningful engagements.
  • Looking for more than impressions or views? ClickRozi, Real Engagement.

Most of all, enough of 99% of all ads being nothing more than clutter.

This Is What Looks Like

of all ads are paid attention to on ClickRozi
of ads are paid attention to on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat

Ads on ClickRozi are
Proven to Increase:

  • Brand Recall
  • Brand Favorability
  • Positive Emotion
  • Motivation to Learn More

ClickRozi Premise is Simple

You don’t need to cut through the clutter, if you’ve eliminated it.

Rather than trying to outsmart Google, put your faith in AI or compete with other ads, ClickRozi rises above the noise by eliminating the media middleman. ClickRozi’s unique value is that we enable brands to finally have a truly targeted, one on one, meaningful engagement with their potential customers. We do this by rewarding your target customers directly for their verified attention.

Isn’t it your customer’s attention you desire? Isn’t it your customer’s attention you have been trying to buy after all?

KPI’s You Dream About:

  • %

    1St Party Data-Targeting

  • %

    Brand Safe and Viewed-Thru

  • %

    Verified Comprehension

  • %

    Purchase Intent Captured

  • %

    Complete Surveys

  • %

    Click-Thru to Your Website

  • %

    Share Their Verified Email

  • %

    Share Ad on Social Media

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